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Separation Anxiety Dog Trainer

We're the experts. Let us help.

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Dog Separation Anxiety is My Specialty

Welcome! My name is Dana, and I'm a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. I have spent the past 15+ years helping dog parents reach their training and behavior goals. I know just how overwhelming it can feel to live with a dog that panics when left alone. That is why I decided to specialize in best practices for successfully resolving separation anxiety.

My training programs are based on science-based methods that are proven to relieve separation anxiety. I have learned from industry experts and work closely with dog families to help their dogs learn to relax when home alone. Join the collective! Let me help you and your dog regain freedom and peace of mind, knowing that your dog is safe and calm home alone.

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Separation Anxiety is Overwhelming

Dogs struggling with separation anxiety may experience mild anxiety or full panic when left alone. They may bark, howl, try to escape or become destructive. You might be feeling heartbroken or frustrated by your dog's behavior. Know that your dog isn't giving you a hard time; they're having a hard time. We are here to help.

There is Hope

Despite what you may have heard, separation anxiety is treatable. Whether your dog is destroying your home or quietly seething, a proper training plan can help alleviate and even resolve their anxiety. Let us help you regain your freedom as you teach your dog how to relax when left alone.

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Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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I have been working with Dana Rebaza who is a verifiable expert with extensive training in dog behavior modification, particularly separation anxiety for a couple of months now. If your dog suffers with this, you know the road to peaceful independence can be quite long and hard. We're not there yet but I am hopeful we will make it. Dana is very kind and insanely patient in answering all 1 billion of my questions. She's able to quote best practices from research as well as experience. She always presents options to showcase a breadth of knowledge and not trying to force a singular opinion or choice on you. She has gone above and beyond the treatment of separation anxiety and allowed me to leverage her network on topics that are inter-connected where she knows someone with a deep expertise. She truly treats the dog as a whole, not just the symptoms, while showing real concern and care for the human as well. I wish our pups nor us as humans ever had to deal with separation anxiety at all but if you do, I'd recommend you sort it out with Dana (and probably some wine)!

Team Jenny | Atlanta, GA

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